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UEFI Driver and Application Tool Resources

Enabling Independent Hardware Vendors

Here, you can find the latest tools, resources, and training to help get started developing Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) drivers and applications.

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The Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for UEFI architecture specification describes primary design elements of an innovative approach to constructing firmware for platforms based on Intel architecture.

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Intel® UDK2010 firmware developer platforms

Intel® UDK2010 firmware developer platforms enable engineers to test, debug, and validate UEFI drivers and applications on a UEFI 2.3 compliant system. Platforms can be assembled and configured in your lab or home workshop using commercially available hardware.

Download the Intel UDK2010 Firmware Developer Platform Kit Getting Started Guide >

Download Intel UDK2010 Firmware Developer Platform Kit >

Fully assembled Intel UDK2010 firmware developer platforms can be purchased by UEFI adopter companies at www.tunnelmountain.net. Contact Intel via email or follow @Intel_UEFI on Twitter* for the latest details.

UEFI training schedule

In depth UEFI training is available to help you develop your products.

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UEFI Plugfest schedule

Test your add-in card with system vendors at UEFI-sponsored Plugfest. Please see table below for more details.





Q3 2011 UEFI Plugfest

2011 Q3

United States

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Q4 2011 UEFI Plugfest

2011 Q4

Taipei, Taiwan

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