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Storage Vendor Solutions: Cloud Storage Vendor Round Table

Vendors answer IT’s questions about cloud storage solutions

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Scale-out storage may just be the most important part of the next-generation data center. With the volume of structured and unstructured data on the rise, improving data center storage is an imperative.

Complicating matters are highly virtualized environments that hinder storage efficiencies with redundant data and the inability to add storage capacity due to performance degradation. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for scale-out storage, today’s intelligent storage solutions are designed to address the three primary data center storage challenges: increasing volume, inefficient management, and cost. The cloud storage vendor round table can help you evaluate six cloud storage technology offerings from four different vendors: Amplidata, DataDirect Network, EMC, and NetApp. Each vendor provided answers responding to a standard set of questions and described the following for each offering: the architecture and components of their cloud storage solutions; how the current offerings integrate with data center infrastructure; information about storage allocation, file types, and storage network protocols; and how return on investment is demonstrated.