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Wireless Core Network

Deliver affordable, flexible wireless access on a single platform

Exploding network traffic has placed unprecedented demands on the communications and telecom industries. Intel® architecture delivers performance to users by putting control and user plane data on a single platform, so software can be configured to support multiple standards such as GSM, 3G, or EPC.

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Achieve faster time-to-market

Intel’s single processor platform also streamlines development and testing, reducing cost and time-to-market for wireless equipment service providers and helping provide faster service to end users.

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Easy interoperability, flexible reconfiguration

Intel’s single processor approach minimizes operational costs by providing telecoms and service providers with the flexibility to easily reconfigure network functionality and services, simplify power management, and optimize load balancing.

NEC Virtualized EPC*

NEC demonstrates a leap forward in Intel’s 4:1 workload consolidation strategy by developing an entire Evolved Packet Core (EPC) running on an Intel architecture server platform.

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