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Upgrade Point of Sale Systems

Create more compelling customer experiences

Intel is working with our customers to help deliver kiosks, point of sale, ATM, and digital signage solutions that will help maximize revenue and build consumer loyalty by enhancing the variety and convenience of personal service inside your store. Replacing your current transactional devices with new devices based on Intel® processors can boost revenue now while reducing long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) for years to come.

Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors enable remote monitoring and repair12

Integrated within Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors and chipsets, Intel® vProTM technology, together with the Microsoft PowerShell Module*, gives you the ability to manage inventory, repair, diagnose, and power up or down your systems —all from a remote location.

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Intel® vProTM technology is driving lower costs and faster ROI for devices used in retail. A new generation of intelligent, connected transactional devices delivers the unique benefits of Intel® technology, helping you reduce operating costs, maximize energy efficiency, and bring the magic of online shopping into your store.

See how Intel® vProTM  technology gives merchants the intelligent performance and security they need to succeed >

Product and Performance Information


1. Security features enabled by Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) require an enabled chipset, network hardware and software and a corporate network connection. Intel AMT may not be available or certain capabilities may be limited over a host OS-based VPN or when connecting wirelessly, on battery power, sleeping, hibernating, or powered off. Setup requires configuration and may require scripting with the management console or further integration into existing security frameworks, and modifications or implementation of new business processes. For more information, visit http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/intel-active-management-technology.html.

2. Intel® vPro™ Technology is sophisticated and requires setup and activation. Availability of features and results will depend upon the setup and configuration of your hardware, software and IT environment. To learn more visit: www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/vpro/vpro-technology-general.html.