Modernising the Framework

To reach a transformed learning environment where students become active learners and problem solvers, curriculum must be modernized to include digital learning while assessment strategies balance skills with progress to improve student success.

Transforming Education Through Curriculum and Assessment

A modern curriculum framework encompasses both subject-matter requirements and 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking—and the assessment strategies behind them must evolve alongside.

Discover how the Intel Education Transformation Model can help you implement an effective, flexible curriculum framework and develop lesson plans and teaching strategies that offer standards-based, student-centred learning experiences.

As teachers change the way they teach, technology is providing powerful new ways to assess student progress, both to improve outcomes by providing immediate and highly targeted feedback, and to increase accountability.

Christián Rizzi, Educational Technology Consultant
Based in Argentina, Christián Rizzi is an education innovator who develops curricula and content resources, and works with teachers and school systems in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries, with a focus on science education.

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