Creating a Cycle of Improvement

What’s the only way to know how well your educational technology initiative is working? By conducting thorough, well-planned research and evaluations that can help you continuously build success.

Transforming Education Through Research and Evaluation

As an opportunity to create and achieve measurable goals and gather evidence of progress, research and evaluation should begin in the early planning phase of your technology initiative.

With guidance from the Intel Education Transformation Model, you can discover how to use research—and the resulting evidence—for your technology initiative to celebrate successes and identify flaws, create a cycle of continuous improvement, build and enhance decision-making skills, and secure funding through success.

Research and evaluation often start with a desire to get evidence that you’re achieving great results, but the real need is often to understand which strategies led to success and which didn’t.

Saul Rockman, President, Rockman et al
Saul Rockman has spent more than 35 years as an evaluator. Rockman et al is an independent evaluation, research, and consulting firm that specialises in working with preschool, K–12, postsecondary, and adult education institutions.

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