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Education Transformation

Transforming education together

Intel Educational Framework

An effective education transformation can help countries to increase student competitiveness, build job skills and competencies, support economic development and provide social cohesion.

Through research and work with local governments, vendors, and communities, Intel supports countries to drive a systemic education transformation. Intel has invested over $1 billion dollars and close to 3 million employee volunteer hours to improve teaching and learning environments in 70+ countries over the last decade.

Intel’s model of education transformation is a systemic approach that is based on research and includes the best practices for improved educational outcomes. The model’s five critical components include:

Case Study

See how countries around the world are transforming education for their students.

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Explore Intel’s model of education transformation and plan for change today.

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Intel Education Policy Tool

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Advocacy for Policy Reform

Effective policy is critical to establish the conditions for success and to accelerate transformation, and must be aligned with desired behavior and outcomes.

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Curriculum Standards and Assessment

New curriculum standards and assessment can help governments transform their education systems to meet the demands of a globally competitive environment.

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professional development

Sustained Professional Development

A quality teaching workforce is imperative for a quality education system. Teacher professional development is a critical success factor for achieving educational improvement.

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information communictions

Proliferation of Information Communications Technology

Technology is an essential foundation of education transformation, providing the tools needed to enhance teaching and learning and support student-centered learning environments.

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research evaluation

Research and Evaluation

Education-related products and solutions should be continuously improved and refined for greater teaching and learning effectiveness.

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