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Information Communications Technology

The positive impact of technology


Information Communications Technology (ICT) is an essential foundation of education transformation, providing the tools needed to enhance teaching and learning and support student-centered learning environments. Effective eLearning environments are created using powerful PCs, relevant education software, broadband internet access, and an infrastructure with robust servers.

ICT enables improved learning results by providing access to information and content experts, facilitating collaboration, encouraging creation, improving communication, and supporting assessments. It allows students to gain important skills using the same modern technology they’ll use after graduation in the business world.

In addition, use of ICT has resulted in improvements in teacher attitude, student interest, student discipline, and student achievement.

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Intel Technology for Successful Learning Environments

Intel-based laptops, netbooks, desktops, and servers are key components of successful learning environments worldwide. The latest Intel-based products are designed not only for performance, but also for security, manageability, and connectivity.

PCs are fully capable devices that enable a complete teaching/learning experience, including:

  • Content creation, collaboration, and consumption
  • Thousands of available applications
  • Runs multiple applications simultaneously, including Adobe Flash*, Microsoft Office*, and more
  • Rugged form factors
  • Includes keyboard, mouse, USB ports, camera
  • Robust security options

Laptop PCs enable flexible teaching/learning models, including:

  • Use in all learning environments: PC Labs, Computers on Wheels, 1:1 eLearning, and at home
  • Support for companion devices used for consuming content

Primary students

Compact, affordable, and rugged Intel® Atom™–based netbooks and Intel® Core™–based laptops are excellent choices for younger students. The Intel® Education Solutions provides a robust education solution for 1:1 eLearning for students ages 5–12, with multiple designs to meet different needs.

Secondary students

Laptops based on Intel® Core™ i3, i5, and i7 processors have the mobility, features, and performance you want for middle school and high school to consume and create content, and collaborate with others.

Professors, teachers, and higher education

Intel® Core™ i3, i5, and i7–based laptops have the mobility, features, and high performance needed for adult workloads, to multi-task, consume, create and share content, to collaborate, and for classroom management.

Server infrastructure

Intel® Xeon®–based servers are the reliable, high-performance backbone for Learning Management Systems, Web hosting, online applications, content management, student record-keeping, file storage, and more.


Fast Internet connections are critical for education success. Intel leads industry efforts to develop advanced wireless technology and to make it available through access programs. Millions of customers worldwide log on to Wi-Fi* and WiMAX* networks every day, gaining access to a world of information and communications capabilities.

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