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Plan Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Access practical resources to maintain manageability

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Now you are ready to start planning your mobility strategy. Take advantage of extensive Intel research and resources on enterprise mobility—including planning guides, IT@Intel best practices, and case studies. This expert insight can help you boost employee satisfaction and increase security across all of your mobile devices.

Tablet devices mobilize Habit restaurants

Discover how Habit IT professionals incorporated a tablet device plan to mobilize their restaurants in a revolutionary way. Customer wait times were reduced and employee productivity increased using Dell tablets with Intel® Atom™ processors and Windows* 8.

Watch the Habit video (3:54) >

Plan to protect your assets

Is security a big part of your enterprise mobility plan? Learn how 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors with built-in technologies offer multi-layered crimeware protection.

View the crimeware protection video (5:04) >

Enterprise mobility planning guide

Strengthen your mobility plan

This practical guide breaks down how mobile devices based on the latest Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors can better meet the security and manageability requirements of your business—and provide the performance, style, and form factors your users demand.

Download the planning guide (13 pages) >

PC Refresh planning guide

Intel IT expert advice: Plan your PC refresh strategy

Intel IT professionals have identified key factors to consider for upgrading devices in an enterprise environment. Learn about user productivity and IT support to data security and device manageability.

Read the strategy guide (16 pages) >

Enterprise Mobility: Resources to Help You Plan

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