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Network Device Reliability

Unified networking extends data center dependability

Network Device Reliability

Unified Networking solutions on Intel® Ethernet let enterprises combine the traffic of multiple data center networks like LAN and SAN onto a single efficient network fabric. IT then has the choice of NFS, iSCSI, or Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) to carry both network and storage traffic at speeds of up to 10 GB. This single high-performance platform brings immediate benefits, including:

  • A network infrastructure that is simpler to administer and maintain
  • Lower equipment and decreased power costs
  • A trusted, familiar network fabric at its base—Intel has over 30 years of Ethernet connectivity experience

Unified Networking is available on every server, either built-in or available as an option. Intel's Ethernet solutions are at home in data center network infrastructures around the globe, providing business benefits that provide advantages like:

  • Open architectures: simpler server integration helps IT managers reduce overhead while enabling a flexible and scalable datacenter network.
  • Intelligent offloads: optimize network performance, lower costs, and reduce power usage while delivering the application performance that users need.
  • Proven Ethernet: Unified Networking is built on trusted Intel® Ethernet Technology, enabling customers to deploy FCoE or iSCSI solutions with the reliability of their traditional Ethernet networks.

Intel Ethernet = More Cloud Choices

As virtualization continues to grow, 10 GB Ethernet and Unified Networking will simplify server connectivity. Intel has led the industry through speed transitions and enhancements as Ethernet has evolved, including iSCI, DCB, and FCoE. As data centers build the infrastructure necessary to capitalize on cloud computing, Intel’s proven Ethernet solutions are ready to help IT incorporate FCoE for true Unified Networking.

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