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Tablet Handbook: Business Innovation Unleashed

Tablet Handbook: Business Innovation Unleashed

Portability makes tablets attractive
The greatest attraction of tablets is that they are so light and portable. Their touchscreens provide an effective way to share viewing of documents during meetings or when presenting a product. They also come equipped with HDMI sockets and other interfaces that let you display documents, videos, and similar content on a large screen when making a presentation. Their touchscreen operation and excellent character recognition functions make tablets easy to use for people who are not comfortable with keyboards. Companies are reporting productivity gains from their use with customers in tasks such as those that would previously have involved filling out forms.

Providing disaster-resistant infrastructure
With high-availability access to cloud services, tablets can not only use the Internet for communication during a disaster, but they also increase the potential for keeping your business running without service interruption. Even if the disaster keeps you from getting to work, having a tablet you can use anywhere is a valuable part of business continuity planning (BCP) because it allows you to continue communicating and conducting business remotely from your home or an evacuation center.

Integration with the cloud and providing information in real-time
With a tablet, you can connect to the Internet from anywhere and access the cloud to check your mail or view documents. This not only boosts your productivity, it also opens up new business opportunities, new ways of working such as small office/home office (SOHO) and new services or business models that work with information in real- time.

Making use of time, cutting operating costs
Productivity improvements, new ways of working, and other benefits of tablet use let you make effective use of the time you spend on your business. Meanwhile, the cloud is helping companies cut costs in both the maintenance and administration of existing systems and the development, installation, and operation of new ones.

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