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Product Brief: Intel® Pentium® Processor G6950 for Embedded Computing

Intel® Pentium® Processor G6950 for Embedded Computing

The document describes the Intel® Pentium® processor G6950, which features dual-core processing with integrated graphics. The processor also includes Intel® Virtualization Technology, which eases software migration, improves real-time performance, and enhances security for embedded systems.

When paired with an Intel® chipset, this platform provides ideal solutions for embedded market segments, such as retail, digital signage, digital surveillance, gaming, medical, communications, printing imaging, and industrial automation and control.

Product Highlights
• Integrated graphics engine: Supports enhanced graphics performance and capabilities, while reducing overall platform power requirements and footprint.
• ECC memory: Corrects memory errors without requiring system reset—enhancing performance, uptime, and autonomous operation—essential for remote, embedded applications.
• Intel® Intelligent Power Technology: Reduces power consumption through architectural improvements, such as integrated power gates and automated low power states.
• Intel® Virtualization Technology: By providing hardware-based assistance for virtualization software, this technology enables creation of multiple virtual machines that run on a single system.

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