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Intel® Desktop Board DH67VR

The Intel® Desktop Board DH67VR delivers a superb visual performance for sharper images, richer color, and lifelike audio and video.

Intel® Desktop Utilities

Intel® Desktop Utilities provides a PC system monitoring software that audits temperature, fan speed, voltage and overall hardware health.

Intel® Integrator Toolkit

Intel® Integrator Toolkit enables direct BIOS configuration for system integrators through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Intel® System Defense Utility

Intel® System Defense Utility enables you to remotely perform security and manageability functions such as setting security policies, and more.

MicroATX Form Factor: Intel® Desktop Boards DH55PJ Classic Series

The Intel® Desktop board DH55PJ (microATX) is based on the Intel® H55 Express Chipset.

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Flexible All-In-One System Design

Product Brief: Using Thin Mini-ITX and LVDS interface, the Intel® Desktop Board DH61 AGL provides flexible system designs.

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Multitasking Performance with Dual Independent Display

Product Brief: Supporting the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the Intel® Desktop Board DH61BF delivers multitasking performance with VGA and DVI-D ports.

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Intel® Desktop Board DZ77RE-75K Extreme Series: Overview

The Intel® Desktop Board DZ77RE-75K, with Thunderbolt™ technology, offers 10Gb/s bi-directional interface enabling simplicity and flexibility.

Intel® Desktop Boards

Intel® desktop boards optimize the platform tailored to your unique needs. Intel; Server and Workstation Systems are engineered from the CPU out to help you meet several business needs such as SMB applications, virtualization deployments, and HPC infrastructure.

Intel® Desktop Board DH87RL

Find Intel® Desktop Board DH87RL features and configurations, such as 4th gen Intel® Core™ and Celeron® processor support and open socket flexibility.