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Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo Forums and Support

Find forums and support to help you with the Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo development boards; including, downloads and drivers, how-tos, and more.

Intel® Galileo Board Block Diagram

A great tool for quickly prototyping simple interactive designs or for tackling more complex projects.

Intel® Galileo Curriculum Initiative: Integration in Courses

Benefit from a new learning platform with Intel® Galileo Curriculum Initiative which helps create integrated curricula, workshops and class projects.

Getting Started with the Intel® Galileo Board: Maker Session 1

Launching Maker Sessions, an Intel and MAKE collaboration inviting maker teams to create, discuss, and share projects using Intel® Galileo board.

The Maker Inside: Intel® Galileo Board 101—Introduction

Intel Labs’ Seth Hunter and Carlos Montesinos tour the Intel® Galileo board and its components, ports, software capabilities, compatibility, and more.

Learning Center: Resources for you to Start Making

Get started with Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo, download software and documentation, troubleshoot, and review resources to get students making.

The Maker Inside: Intel® Galileo Board 102—Getting Started, Part 2

Overview of the Arduino* integrated development environment, its icons, setup, and loop functions, with how to begin a basic sketch.

Project Gallery: See What Members are Making

Review the project gallery and discover some of the amazing things you can do and make using Intel® Edison and Intel® Galileo development boards.

What Excites Makers in the Movement

Makers talk about what excites them—self-expression, sharing knowledge, creating with passion—in a movement that transforms ideas into innovation.

Time for New | Intel India

Explore the amazing range of 2in1s, 4th gen Intel® Core™ processor based laptops and tablets to find your new beginning.