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Intel helps with computer upgrades

Upgrading computers and devices can increase efficiency, security, and cost savings, all while providing enriched customer service experiences.

Windows 7* Upgrade is Easy with Intel Technology

Make a Microsoft Windows 7* upgrade using Intel® technologies and best practices.

Don’t settle for the same

Personalize your PC with stickers and stand a chance to win a tablet with Intel Inside®!

Intel® Core™ i3 processor-based PC | Intel India

Start with the performance of a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor-based PC for your small business

Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based PC | Intel India

Get top-of-the-line performance with a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based PC for your small business.

Guide For Laptop Security | Intel India

Better protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft when you work with our easy laptop security plan.

Guide To Data Theft Protection | Intel India

Learn How to minimize the risk of your data falling into the wrong hands with our data theft protection technology.

Tips For Backing Up Your Data | Intel India

Backing up your data regularly ensures that in the event of crashes your data will always be available. Follow these tips and you will rest easy.

4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor 2DPC DDR3L Trace Length Calculator

Trace Length Calculator: Ensures trace lengths for the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor BGA 2DPC DDR3L meet recommendations. (v.1, Oct. 2012)

4th Gen Mobile Intel® Core™ Processor Ballout Spec Calculator

Calculator: The 4th gen mobile Intel® Core™ processor ballout and signal spec provides signal names and coordinates for each pin. (v.1.51, Sept. 2012)