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Jasper Forest From Intel Animation

Video introduces Jasper Forest: the newest addition to the Intel® Xeon® processor family.

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)

Intel® AMT enables IT to remotely manage and repair PCs, workstations, and entry servers, utilizing same infrastructure and tools across platforms.

Intel® Insider™ Video HD Movies

Video discusses whole new level of premium HD movies and entertainment with Intel® Insider™.

Intel® 64 Architecture

Intel® 64 architecture expands addressable memory to over 4 GB by enabling 64-bit computing in embedded designs, improving performance.

Intel® 節點管理員 (Intel® Node Manager) 平台的組態

詳細展示如何設定 Intel® 節點管理員 (Intel® Node Manager),包括如何在資料中心進行系統的安裝以及能源監控功能的組態。

英特尔® 节点管理器兼容平台配置

详细的英特尔® 节点管理器设置步骤中包含如何在数据中心安装系统和如何配置功耗监控。

Paper: 32nm Logic Technology for High Performance Microprocessors

Logic Paper: 32nm logic technology for high performance microprocessors

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32nm Logic Technology with 2nd Gen High-k + Metal Gate Transistors

Presentation of 32nm logic technology for high performance microprocessors featuring 2nd generation high-k + metal gate transistors.

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Introduction to Intel® 32-nm Process Technology

White paper provides manufacturing history on the 32-nm and 45-nm process technology and Hi-k + metal gate transistors.

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Intel® 32nm Logic and SOC Technologies

The innovative Intel 32nm logic technology is a revolutionary technical breakthrough, which delivers record NMOS and PMOS transistor performance.