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IRIS 2014: Encouraging Science and Innovation

Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science is a research-based National Science Fair that aims to provide a platform to inspire children.

Embedded Technology Initiatives

Intel®Higher Education in India encourages research and innovation on Intel® Atom™ based Embedded Systems

National Digital Literacy Mission

The National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) is an initiative by an industry consortium led by Intel and NASSCOM

Intel India Academic Forum 2013

The first ever Intel India Academic Forum held in 2013 served as a platform for showcasing academic collaboration on curriculum development

Colegio San Narciso Goes From Textbooks to Tablets

Case Study: Colegio San Narciso equips 300 students with Intel® Atom™ processor-powered Papyre EDU* tablets to enhance digital learning.

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Intel Education Assessing Projects: High School Assessment Plans

Detailed high school assessment plans for different subject areas help you with planning a student-centered project.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Higher Secondary Plans

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Higher Secondary Plans

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Share Market Labyrinth

Students take up the role of young financial analysts to understand the labyrinth of share market.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Eclipse

The students take up a scientific investigation about the amazing phenomena – lunar and solar eclipse.