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Intel® Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools

Intel® Education: Free Teaching Resources, Tools, and Lesson Plans

Intel® Education—K-12 STEM Resources

Intel provides free STEM curriculum, competitions, and online resources to encourage students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: High School Assessment Plans

Detailed high school assessment plans for different subject areas help you with planning a student-centered project.

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Higher Secondary Plans

Intel Education: Assessing Projects: Higher Secondary Plans

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Share Market Labyrinth

Students take up the role of young financial analysts to understand the labyrinth of share market.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Eclipse

The students take up a scientific investigation about the amazing phenomena – lunar and solar eclipse.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Overview and Benefits

Learn more about the features of Assessing Projects. Read research about the benefits of different kinds of assessments.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Formative Assessment

Research suggests that students benefit from continuous and ongoing assessment. Read about these benefits.

Intel Education Assessing Projects: Assessing Thinking

Determining how students are using higher-order thinking can be a challenge. Learn methods for assessing thinking.