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Enhanced Cloud Storage and Data Security

Case study: SK Telecom chooses hardware-based Intel® AES-NI powered by Intel® Xeon® processors for enhanced data and cloud storage security.

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Intel® Architecture: Enable the Smart Grid

Intel® Xeon® processors make distributed-intelligence possible. Since components are connected, redistributing stored energy is more efficient.

White Paper: Wind Turbine Availability Excellence

Examines constant operation of remote offshore wind turbines through usage of remote management, virtualization, and wireless technology.

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Software-based Networking and Services with Intel® Processors

White Paper: Intel®-based hardware helps network service providers respond to evolving markets and traffic types.

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Cryptographic Performance on 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

Paper: Cryptographic application performance increases on 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors over Intel® microarchitecture code named Westmere.

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Маршрутизаторы и коммутаторы

Архитектура Intel позволяет объединить службы маршрутизации и коммуникации в пределах экономичной масштабируемой одноядерной платформы.

Unify Device Management, Cyber Security in the Connected Hospital

Solution Brief: Intel, Symantec*, and Emerson Network Power* make Connected Hospital, unifying remote management and security to healthcare platforms.

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Platforms for Scalable Medical Devices

Technology Brief: Intel® embedded processors and chipsets aid interoperable medical product development and integration.

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Architecting Tomorrow's Electrical Grid

With Intel® technologies, utility companies can provide increased scalability, performance, energy-efficiency and serviceability.

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Energy-efficient Advantage

Intelligent Intel® technology is the foundation for energy efficient solutions.