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Intel® Network Connections Drivers for Windows 7*

Software: Package contains the Intel® Network Connections software and drivers for several speeds of Intel® network adapters and Ethernet controllers.

HSS Channel Driver for Asterisk*: Install Package

Install Package: Download and install the HSS channel driver for Asterisk* to use with Intel® EP80579 software for IP telephony applications.

Intel® EP80579 Security Software for FreeBSD*

Software: Intel® EP80579 drivers for security applications on Intel® QuickAssist Technology running on FreeBSD*. (v. Security.B.1.0.3, Sept. 2009)

1155-Land LGA Thermal Test Kits for Desktop Development: Guide

User Guide: Provides 1155-Land LGA Thermal Test Kit information for electrical, mechanical, and thermal test boards and vehicles. (v.002, Nov. 2010)

Intel® 5100 Memory Controller Hub Chipset: Design Specification

Design Spec: Revises product information and design guidelines for the Intel® 5100 Memory Controller Hub Chipset. (July 2009)

Intel® 5/3400 Series Chipset: Design Specification

Design Spec: Overview of the platform controller hub of the Intel® 5/3400 Series Chipset, including high-level feature differences. (v.2.3, Nov. 2011)

Intel® 5/3400 Series hCipset: Specification Update

Update: A compilation of device & documentation errata, and spec clarifications and changes for the Intel® 5/3400 Series Chipset (v.1.30, Sept. 2013)

Code Execution Times: IA-32/IA-64 Instruction Set Architecture

White paper: Provides methods to measure clock cycles spent executing C code on IA-32 and IA-64 architecture Linux* environment. (v.001, Sept. 2010)

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Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800 Development Kit User Guide

User Guide: Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 development kit, based on the Intel® ISX Form Factor Reference Design, setup and procedures. (v.1, Feb. 2014)

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