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Small Form Factor Usage Models with Intel® NUC

The shape that fits the future

Intel® NUC Usage Models

The sleek and small Intel NUC packs more features into an even slimmer form factor. From home theater systems to digital jukeboxes, from immersive gaming to home office space-saving PCs, the Intel NUC gives you the power you need—and does not require more than 4 inches of real estate, whether in your living room, den, or office.

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Consumer Usage Examples

From home theater systems to digital jukeboxes to immersive gaming and beyond, Intel NUC is customizable for the way you compute today. With features such as Intel® Smart Connect Technology, your computer is ready to go when you are.


Proven performance, exceptional value: Usage visual

Home entertainment experience: Usage visual

Immersive gaming: Usage visual

Home theater PC: Usage visual | Solution brief

Media production: Usage visual | Solution brief

Video editing: Usage visual

Mainstream gaming: Usage visual | Solution brief

HD movie library: Usage visual

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Commercial Usage Examples

Whether you need digital signage, kiosk displays, or simply intelligent computing for small spaces, Intel NUC delivers the power and flexibility you need for today's computing environment. With the power and size of Intel NUC, you will rethink what is possible.


Thin client: Usage visual | Skole Linux* Guide

Digital signage: Usage visual | Solution brief

Digital signage with analytics: Usage visual | Solution brief | Solution guide

Triple display digital signage: Usage visual | Solution brief

Retail kiosk: Usage visual

Video surveillance: Usage visual

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General Usage Examples

Intel NUC is an intelligent device for small spaces or anywhere else you can imagine. Now with the power of 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors on an ultra-compact 4x4-inch motherboard, the possibilities are endless. The only thing more amazing than Intel® technology is what you can do with it.

Affordable media library: Usage visual

PC replacement: Usage visual

Mini PC: Usage visual | Solution brief

Cost-saving PC revitalization: Usage visual

Cost-effective storage: Usage visual | Solution brief

Intel® NUC Customer Videos

Beechen Cliff School—Enabling Young Engineers

video icon

Beechen Cliff School relies on the Intel® NUC to power Inventor* and degree-level engineering.

Intel® NUC DE3815TYKHE

video icon

Explore features of the board powered by Intel® Atom™ processors for performance and value.

SiComputer’s Productiva Yocto*

video icon

See the minicomputer in action with the speed and performance of Intel® Core™ processors.

The future of digital signage

video icon

Deliver captivating commercial performance on the Intel® NUC-powered Seneca HDN* digital media player.

Intel NUC collaboration capabilities

video icon

Demos the Intel® NUC and Intel® vPro™ technology capabilities for meeting and room control.