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Intel® Pentium® Processor A1018

The Intel® processor A1018 is a dual core 2.1GHz processor, is based on the Intel® Ivy Bridge platform and manufactured on the industry leading 22 nm process technology with tri-gate ("3D") transistors which are higher performing transistors and lower leakage. This processor also supports Intel® HD Graphics, system bus of 5 GT/s and with a Max TDP of 35 W.


Intel® Pentium® Processor A1018 (Ivy Bridge)

Processor Number Cores/ Threads Base Freq (GHz) Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Graphics Graphics
Base / Max
DDR3 Memory Speed Support (MHz) L3 Cache TDP Tj (deg) Package
Intel® Pentium® Processor A1018 2/2 2.1 n/a Intel® HD
650 / 1000 1600 1MB 35W 105 PGA