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Intel ESS EVGA case study

Sustaining Graphics Card Quality Tests with Intel® SSDs

EVGA prides itself on delivering high-performance NVIDIA-based graphics cards and Intel-based motherboards to system integrators, gamers, and technology enthusiasts. To maintain consistent product quality, the company tests all graphics cards before shipping them out, but that testing process can be time consuming. By replacing traditional hard disk drives with Intel® Solid-State Drives on test systems, the company dramatically reduced the time for starting up systems and running tests. As a result, the company now tests 22 percent more cards per day, helping to ensure that a constant supply of graphics cards is available while delivering the high-quality products that customers have come to expect from EVGA.

• Accelerate product testing. Reduce the time for starting up test systems and running tests on graphics cards to enhance worker productivity, ensure products are readily available, and maintain consistent product quality.

• Intel® Solid-State Drives. EVGA replaced traditional serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives with Intel® Solid-State Drives on graphics card testing systems.

• Faster testing. Intel Solid-State Drives shave more than a minute off of each system boot and test run—minutes that add up quickly over the course of the day.
• Improved productivity. By speeding up testing, EVGA can test more cards per day, making sure that customers have a constant supply of high-performance graphics cards for gaming, multimedia, and other applications.

Read the full Sustaining quality with Intel® Solid-State Drives: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/ssd-evga-study.html

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