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When systems fail and you need remote computer management, Intel® Active Management Technology1 allows you to control your company's devices from anywhere. Intel gives you the ability to diagnose problems remotely and manage a network of thousands of devices. Keep the control of your company technology systems in your hands when and where you need to. Save time and money by reducing deskside visits and patch devices during off peak hours to support worker productivity.


When systems fail, when employees are all over the world, when thousands of devices are out of reach, who's in control of your company's technology? You are, when you choose computers powered by the latest Intel Core vPro processor, with Intel active management technology. Diagnose problems remotely, via keyboard, video, mouse, remote control. And avoid a costly desk site visit. Patch devices during off peak hours, to support worker productivity, anytime, anywhere.

As the only solution delivering integrated out-of-band remote manageability, over both wired and wireless ethernet, Intel active management technology gets control of your company's devices right where it belongs, in your hands, with features that save money, save time, and ultimately, save the day. Intel active management technology. Get control back.

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