Intel® FPGA Complete SerialLite II Solution

Table 1. Complete SerialLite II Solution



Device Family

Physical Interface

Integrated PHY providing full PMA (1) and PCS (2) support

SerialLite II IP Core

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Development Board

Characterization Report

Stratix II GX Characterization Report
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Reference Design

SerialLite II Loopback Reference Design, available with IP

Table 2. Features and Benefits of SerialLite II




Data Flow

Full-duplex, simplex, asymmetric, or broadcast

Reduced logic for simplex, asymmetric, or broadcast applications

Data Type

Packet or streaming

Support for a variety of applications

Link Width

1 to 16 lanes

Scalable link throughput from 622 Mbps to 102 Gbps in each direction

Lane Rate

622 Mbps to 6.375 Gbps

Datapath Width

8 bits, 16 bits, or 32 bits
(per lane)

Reduced logic for lane rates below 1.5 Gbps and scalability to 6.375-Gbps lane rates



Industry-standard encoding for the most reliable clock and data recovery


Payload and idle, or none

Reduced EMI for high lane rates

Reference Clock

Asynchronous or synchronous

Suitable for chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and backplane applications

Polarity Reversal

Yes or no

Implement the functionality required for your specific application for a cost-optimized solution

Data Integrity Protection

CRC-32, CRC-16, or none

Packet Type

Data, priority, or both

Optional logic to insert high-priority data or control information

Flow Control

Data packet, priority packet, both, or none

Implement the functionality required for your specific application for a cost-optimized solution


Priority packet or none

Increased link reliability

Channel Multiplexing

Yes or no

Support for applications with multiple logical channels

Atlantic Interface

Data and priority ports

Well-defined interface to user logic and a variety of Intel FPGA IP functions to accelerate design cycles for unique bridging solutions