From Collection to Distribution, Big Data Delivers

CaixaBank is the leading financial group in Spain, in retail banking and insurance. They serve fourteen million customers through a multi-channel distribution platform.

The bank expects that soon, a large part of their customer base will only use digital devices such as smartphones, or tablets or digital watches, and will seek quick improvements in price or other types of value. So they ...need to find new models that are relevant to these types of clients.

The bank seeks technologies that allow them to capture a lot of data from the different channels through which they interact with clients, and also capture external information from social networks and other sources, and aggregate the data and make it available for internal distribution.

La Caixa has chosen a big data solution from Oracle, composed of Big Data Appliance, Exalytics and Exadata. This solution allows them to load the data in the environment that best suits the nature of the data or the way in which they receive it. And they can independently develop applications with a wide variety of technology, no matter where the data is located. They’ve migrated all the previous analytical platforms to an Oracle architecture on hardware with Intel processors, which provides processing power that’s essential to support projects in which they need real-time response, or to intake large volumes of data in parallel processes.

Big data gives them a significant opportunity to open the information and democratize information for all the employees.