A Unified Enterprise Data Management Platform

A strong alliance between Intel and Cloudera is bringing Apache Hadoop* software to the enterprise.

Trusted Innovation for the Intelligent Enterprise

Cloudera is partnering with Intel to drive open-source, enterprise data management, and analytics innovations. With a focus on security, performance, management, and governance, Cloudera Enterprise software is optimized to run on Intel®-based data center technologies to deliver the power and speed necessary for large distributed-computing environments.

Cloudera delivers a series of enterprise-grade innovations to the Hadoop* framework and maintains the same strong commitment to open-source development that has been in place since its founding. Together Intel, a world leader in computing innovation, and Cloudera, the leader in enterprise and data management and analytics powered by Hadoop software, accelerate insight to deliver customer value.

Entertainment Industry Case Study: Caesars Entertainment

Learn how Intel and Cloudera helped Caesars Entertainment improve multiple facets of their business with advanced analytics.

The Business Case for Analytics Technology

Caesars Entertainment used analytics to discover trends in their business and effectively change course to better serve their customers and their bottom line. Learn how Cloudera and Intel partnership played a key role.

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Transformation Using Big Data Analytics

Caesars Entertainment employs Intel® Xeon® processors powering Cloudera software as an analytics engine that helps reach a new marketing demographic and reduce processing time.

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Improved Customer Experiences

Cloudera software running on Intel® Xeon® processors provides Caesars Entertainment with the big data analytics power to fine-tune its customer-specific segmentation and improve campaign outcomes.

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Reduced Processing Time

From hours to minutes, Caesars Entertainment’s data analytics environment—based on Cloudera and Intel® technology—handles expanded customer data for faster processing and better results.

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Cloudera: Faster Insights, Greater Business Advantage

Check out these resources about how to accelerate business insight from your data by combining Cloudera Enterprise software with Intel data center compute, storage, and networking solutions.

Content Recommendation Engine

Learn how customized algorithms help a Chinese-language media customer boost readership and add revenue.

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Predictive Analytics Models

Discover how Intel and Cloudera help a company to foresee future purchasing behaviors.

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Database Integration

Learn how Intel and Cloudera Integrate a financial customer’s Oracle* infrastructure with Hadoop* via Kafka* Messaging.

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Big Data Social Media Dashboard

Discover how Intel and Cloudera help a food processing customer save $1 million and reduce costs.

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