Accelerate SAP HANA* Machine Learning

See an overview of how SAP HANA* machine learning running on hardware powered by Intel® Xeon® processors provides data scientists and analysts with accelerated in-database capabilities to rapidly process large data sets with minimal latency.



Today, it's not just time that's money, but insights from data as well. But it's impossible to extract the full value of your data unless you can integrate machine learning with your business processes and run those models in real time, even on large datasets. How do you get there? What if a business analyst could build machine learning models without a data scientist and could then run those models where the data resides, right in the database?

Or you could give your data scientists access to more than 90 machine learning algorithms already optimized to run in your database, or use the power of R and TensorFlow for machine learning. And once you've built your models, what if you were able to score large datasets in parallel across multiple database nodes for minimal latency? What if when dealing with event streams or internet of things data you could capture and store streaming data continuously so that you can take action instantly rather than after the fact?

Capabilities like these could enable you to harness machine learning and integrate it as part of your business processes to take actions as events occur and make better decisions. Intel and SAP have collaborated to maximize performance for database workloads for more than 10 years. The machine learning capabilities of the SAP HANA platform are optimized to run where your data is, right in the database.

Intel Xeon Platinum Processors provide additional memory, cores, and threads to help achieve faster machine learning performance. And the Intel Nirvana Neural Network Processor will soon provide production-ready performance for artificial intelligence workloads. Building the next generation of intelligent business applications enabled by machine learning requires the capabilities provided by SAP HANA [? in-database ?] machine learning and Intel processors. For details, read the solution brief at the link below and visit and to learn more.