Analytics at Scale with the Intel® Xeon® Processor Family

Intel and SAS have a strong engineering collaboration going back more than 20 years and through all of those years, the top priority of CIOs has remained consistent. Derive business insight out of raw data as fast as possible. The ever-increasing need to extract insight from data quickly makes it critical for organizations to modernize both their software and their hardware to infrastructure to ...enable analytics at scale. With that in mind, SAS has optimized every new release of their analytics software on each generation of the Intel® Xeon® processor family to deliver the fastest timed insight. SAS now provides analytics results in minutes or even seconds compared to days or hours that it took just a few years ago. So to achieve that speed up, SAS analytics is designed to take advantage of the enormous scale of servers, storage and networking systems built on Intel® architecture. Just as easily as SAS scales up with large memory pools and the processor cores available with the Intel Xeon processor E7 v3 family, SAS also scales out with a cluster of Hadoop* nodes designed to store and process big data using Intel Xeon processor E5 family. The CIOs of enterprises in every industry, from agriculture to financial services, are seeing the benefits of this flexible approach to analytics. SAS is the world’s largest analytics company and we are thrilled to help them deliver faster insights on Intel architecture.