Modernize Your Computers, Optimize Your Windows* 10 Migration

Want to make the most of your Windows* 10 migration? Update your hardware to PCs powered by the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors. Watch the video to learn more.1

Refresh Your PCs Now to Boost Productivity and Security5

You shouldn’t have to choose between productivity and security—and if you upgrade to PCs powered by the latest 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor when migrating to Windows* 10, you won’t have to.

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Learn More About How New PCs Can Benefit Your Windows* 10 Migration

Making Critical Deployment Choices for Windows* 10 Success

With a Windows* 10 update on the horizon, will your deployment plans be good enough? Read this Gartner research report to learn more.

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Empowering Your Workforce with Next-Generation Devices

Can new PCs with Windows* 10 enable workforce transformation? Yes, in some truly valuable ways–see how in this IDC whitepaper.

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Why Windows* 10 Migration Should Start with New Hardware

Learn how coupling Windows* 10 migration with new hardware helps make your business secure, productive, and attractive to millennials in this whitepaper from IDG.

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Economic Impact of the Intel® vPro™ Platform

Read this Forrester study on the economic impact of the Intel® vPro™ platform.

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Study conducted by Techaisle with 736 small businesses in six countries, April 2014.


Based on survey of 500 enterprise CIOs in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. CIO Study, Venafi 2016.


Small Business PC Study, TechAisle, 2016.


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