Saarthak refrigeration, a family-owned business, leveraged moderns PCs and technology to innovate, expand, and deliver quality solutions that compete with the best in both local and international markets.

The Story of Saarthak Refrigeration1

Started by Mr. Dinesh Kohli, Saarthak Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. is a family-owned business which identified the need of customized refrigeration solution in the commercial refrigeration market. For 30 years the father-son duo have managed to deliver quality product through innovations driven by constant technology and modern computers.

“We are partners with several cooling-unit manufacturers in India as well as overseas, owing to our technical competency and knowledge of advanced equipment”, says Kohli.

Dealing with both national and international partners demanded Saarthak Refrigeration to stay up to date with the latest technology and bring in advanced techniques which were mutually beneficial to both Saarthak and its customers.

The company has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of sales and now hosts an employee strength of 100. Majority of their current turnover of 30+ crores has been achieved in the recent years and with this pace sky is the limit for Saarthak.

Staying Competitive in Changing Times

Saarthak Refrigeration being an end-to-end solution provider in commercial refrigeration, their primary challenge has been to design customized cooling units according to space and requirement of client’s business. Conventionally, these units were manufactured manually with no scope of trial runs. And one could only test for flaws once the final product is made.

Secondary (but important) challenges were to manage the sales team better and empower them to be more efficient and decisive in client interactions.

“Manufacturing and sales team are two critical costs for any business and to stay competitive in the market we had to make ourselves more efficient on both fronts” says Mr. Dinesh Kohli.

Inspiration to Reinvent

“We looked at international players and learned new ways of managing and growing our business by upgrading our computer and technology infrastructure. Players in international market were using advanced technology and delivering 2-3x the output with the same resources as us”, says Manan Kohli.

This helped Sarthak Refrigeration understand the missing piece in our growth, upgrade of our technology infrastructure. We started investing in new computers and talent to drive technology-led changes in our business. From CAD CAM softwares for better design and quality control to enabling our sales force with access to information leading to faster and accurate decision making.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

With the introduction of new technology and better computers, we could see the difference in output and efficiency of our business. With inventory control through ERP integration we could track the input and know precisely how much raw material has been used vs wasted, enabling us to change our practices to reduce wastage of material. 

CAD CAM made it possible for us to not just design customized solutions but also to make our products more energy efficient. Modern computers and their capabilities helped us in pretesting of machines’ performances through digital simulation, reducing our error ratio and making our cooling units more energy efficient. For customers, this meant better solutions and higher trust in Sarthak Refrigeration.

Gaining the Edge with Innovative Solutions

Not only in production, our ERP set-up was helpful in centralizing the knowledge of our business and it could be accessed from anywhere. Sales team now carry sleek and modern laptops with touch screens and better display abilities. This is helpful to showcase 3D models and animations of our products, searching any and all information about our solutions and spare parts instantly, giving clients a real-life working idea of our solutions.

“Client looked at us for expertise in this domain and with technology and capable computers, we have been able to exceed our client’s expectations, without fail.” Says the founder, Dinesh Kohli.

Saarthak’s Vision

“The company today is ready for the future. Refreshing our computers and technology has helped us to make growth plans that we earlier couldn’t envision.” beams Mr. Manan Kohli.

We now plan to expand our manufacturing solutions and become an end-to-end solution provider from just being a cooling-unit manufacturer. Clients consider us their partner in growth and we count modern technology hinged on computers as our valuable partner in our growth.

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1The views presented by Saarthak Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. in the article are independent views, and do not in any way represent the views of Intel.