Hybrid Cloud Benefits

This video introduces the benefits of hybrid cloud solutions—and how future-proof clouds run on Intel® technology. It goes on to explain how Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Select Solutions help IT pros unleash the power of hybrid clouds.


Today's innovators rely on developers for business growth, the type of growth that can turn an unknown startup into a multibillion dollar company faster than you can say disruptive. But traditional IT services can stall innovation. IT wants control. Developers want agility. To satisfy both and keep up in the competitive digital economy, enterprises everywhere have turned to Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud is the integration and intersection of three sets of tools. First, a cloud management platform allows IT to monitor, manage, and secure resources across private and public clouds, and legacy infrastructure. Second, platform as a service tools decrease complexity for developers by providing a complete cloud-based development and deployment environment. Third, automation frameworks eliminate manual IT processes around workload deployment and management.

Realizing these capabilities and moving to Hybrid Cloud is easier than ever, thanks to ready-go solution stacks from industry leaders like VMware, Microsoft, and Red Hat, all run and supported by Intel hardware. Future-proof clouds run on Intel Xeon scalable processors highly optimized with every key partner to fully leverage the benefits of Hybrid Cloud. And with Intel Select Solutions, you can simplify your path to data center modernization and Hybrid Cloud with easy-to-deploy infrastructure predefined and purpose-built for key workloads. Unleash the power of Hybrid Cloud with Intel at the heart of all your cloud services.