Modelling and Simulation Skill Development

The electronics industry is increasingly dependent on highly skilled engineers and relevant industry research. Engineers with an understanding of current design and verification methodologies are needed to confront the industry's contradictory driving forces: increasing complexity and decreasing development time and costs. The Intel® CoFluent™ academia program provides access to training, a developed curriculum, and technical support. Develop the modelling and simulation skills you need today.

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Education Collaboration

Future engineers need access to state-of-the-art modelling and simulation tools in order to enter the workforce with current, marketable skills. The Intel® CoFluent™ Studio university program provides access to Intel® CoFluent™ Studio for teaching and academic research.

The academia program encourages an even greater level of cooperation and communication with academic institutions and research laboratories. It helps prepare students for careers in industry, providing them with hands-on experience. The program also enables graduates to quickly bring valuable skills to their future employer.

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Academia Program Options

Benefits of membership in the academia program include access to training, curriculum, limited technical support, and more. A package addressing teaching and research includes:

  • Intel® CoFluent™ technology guides: getting started guide, methodology guide, user's guide, and reference guide.
  • Training tutorials.
  • "Train the trainer" program.  When a college or university participates in the program, an extensive 3-day training package is available to professors to introduce the underlying methodology and help professor develop curriculum. This additional training helps teachers accelerate the creation of a system-level design course and provides customizable course materials.