Powerful Connectivity Brings the Smart Home to Life

We’ve all been waiting for the smart home. Now, high-performance connectivity powered by Intel® technology is helping make it a reality.

Over the years, our homes have been becoming increasingly smarter. Wi-Fi now connects many devices simultaneously, providing us with gaming and entertainment at every turn. And smart appliances and home security systems bring us ever-new levels of convenience and safety.

But the Smart Home Is Rapidly Evolving

Today, we are connecting more devices, with greater amounts of data flowing into and throughout our homes. To match these growing needs, faster connection speeds are now possible, both to the home and inside the home.

This helps pave the way for the smart home we’ve all been waiting for— one that is responsive, perceptive, and autonomous. We can now imagine a smart home that includes security cameras with facial recognition; virtual assistants that can tell us if a package has arrived, or help us choose a movie to watch; technology that can collect data, learn our habits, and deliver solutions for enhanced entertainment; provide home security, greater ease-of-living, and peace-of-mind.

This Kind of Smart Home Functionality Will Require Robust New Technology

To provide these new experiences, homes will incorporate new technologies in four primary areas: home connectivity, speech, vision, and cognition.

Trusted, high-performance smart home experiences begin with faster, and more secure home networks—which connect and rout vast amounts of data with greater speed and less effort. This kind of connectivity needs to be as simple and reliable as any home utility.

Speech interfaces will act as our ears and voices to recognize vocal patterns and speak with us in natural language. Vision processors will be the eyes of the home, detecting objects, people, and events, so our homes will know who is at the door and whether to let them in. And cognition-based technology will provide the ability to make sense of the data generated by devices to understand context—as we see in many AI-based products, apps and services today.

While all of these new capabilities are important, it is the first—home connectivity—that is an essential foundation for these new experiences.

This is where Intel comes in.

Intel® Technologies Enable Powerful Connectivity for Tomorrow’s Smart Homes

Intel offers a portfolio of technologies that enable powerful connectivity into, and throughout the home, for cable, copper, wireless, and fiber networks. Ecosystem providers can use these technologies to develop integrated gateway platforms with powerful processing, wireless, and wired capabilities:

Gateway SoCs: Intel® Puma™ 7 SoCs enable high-performance connectivity for cable networks. Intel® AnyWAN™ SoCs are designed for fiber, copper, hybrid LTE and DSL, and fixed wireless access networks to offer ecosystem providers a common platform for development.

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+): Based on the 802.11ax standard, Wi-Fi 6 is a huge advancement in connectivity. This new generation of Gigabit Wi-Fi will dramatically improve the wireless experience for customers, particularly in device-dense environments like homes. Intel is delivering Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) solutions for both home gateways and PCs that are Gig+ capable to enable best-in-class performance for superior user experience.

2.5 GbE Ethernet: Ethernet can give home connectivity an incredible boost for activities that demand peak performance, like gaming. Intel is expanding its portfolio with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet solutions for both home gateways and PCs, pushing Ethernet to new speeds and making it possible to deliver connectivity speeds that more than double what today’s 1G hardware can deliver.

With all these major advancements in home connectivity, customers are finally able to envision the smart home they’ve waited so long for.

Better yet: you will have the tools to help them make it a reality.

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