Intel India Research Fellowship Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Intel India Research Fellowship Program is a one-year fellowship created to recognize exceptional students pursuing cutting-edge and high-impact research in fields related to Intel’s business and research interests. This is a highly competitive program with limited fellowships awarded annually. Selected candidates are recognized as being amongst the best in their areas of research.

Candidates receive fellowships, which include a monetary grant (of up to ₹13,40,000 per annum for post-doctoral research candidates, up to ₹10,40,000 per annum for those pursuing a PhD, and up to ₹8,00,000 per annum for MTech candidates). Below is a detailed breakup of the grants:

  • Stipend
    • Post-Doctoral Research Candidates: ₹90,000 x 12 = ₹10,80,000
    • PhD Candidates: ₹65,000 x 12 = ₹7,80,000
    • MTech Candidates: ₹45,000 x 12 = ₹5,40,000
  • 1 International Travel for Tier 1 Conference (subject to written approval)*
    • Post-Doctoral Research Candidates: ₹1,20,000 x 1 = ₹1,20,000
    • PhD Candidates: ₹1,20,000 x 1 = ₹1,20,000
    • MTech Candidates: ₹1,20,000 x 1 = ₹1,20,000
  • Travel Grant for Paper Presentation within India and Travel to Intel Bengaluru*
    • Post-Doctoral Research Candidates: ₹50,000
    • PhD Candidates: ₹50,000
    • MTech Candidates: ₹50,000
  • Travel Grant for the Research Guide*
    • Post-Doctoral Research Candidates: ₹50,000
    • PhD Candidates: ₹50,000
    • MTech Candidates: ₹50,000
  • Contingency
    • Post-Doctoral Research Candidates: ₹40,000
    • PhD Candidates: ₹40,000
    • MTech Candidates: ₹40,000
  • Total (per annum)
    • Post-Doctoral Research Candidates: ₹13,40,000
    • PhD Candidates: ₹10,40,000
    • MTech Candidates: ₹8,00,000

*Travel Grants will be disbursed against, and limited to, actual travel undertaken

The candidate also gets an opportunity to network and be a part of Intel’s various research events. The funds are given directly to the candidate’s university or institute. Further, the candidate will be matched with an Intel research mentor who will become a valuable resource to the candidate. The selected candidates will also receive an opportunity to intern at Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd. Intel reserves the right to select and provide an internship to the candidate.


The Intel India Research Fellowship Program is only for PhD, or MTech degree students in the penultimate or final year of their thesis work and for research associates who have recently completed their thesis from prestigious universities. The nominations can only be made by the university/institution.

All the documents for the application should be submitted in English.

Yes, the candidate may apply for an extension or renewal of the fellowship for one more year. Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd, however, reserves the right to grant the extension based on the annual review.

To be eligible for the fellowship, the research area must be aligned to Intel’s key focus areas mentioned in the “Program Key Focus Areas” section of this website. 

To begin with, we would focus on top-tier schools or research institutes in the country. However, we do intend to expand this Program to more institutes and universities in the future.

No. There is no fixed number of fellowships awarded per institute. Our focus is on the quality of the research and its impact on locally relevant research problems.

Yes. Each fellowship awardee will be assigned a mentor from Intel who is an established researcher in the given domain. The fellow will be in touch with the Intel mentor on a constant basis. At the end of each quarter, a review of the progress of the research will be done by the Intel India Research Fellowship Program Committee.

Yes, Intel Mentors can be co-authors to research papers at their discretion. As the Program focuses on encouraging outstanding technical research, Intel will aim to publish the research papers in renowned publications and conferences.

It is not binding on the candidate to continue with the fellowship. The candidate can apply for discontinuation of the fellowship by providing reasons justifying the same, recommendation and support of the research guide for the discontinuation, and sufficient notice period before the fellowship can be terminated. However, the unused grant amount accounted for the remaining duration of the candidate’s fellowship shall be returned to Intel India.

Intel may conduct an interview of a candidate if deemed necessary.

For Intel, it will be an Open Research platform with no interest in the IPR of the researchers/guide. The research guide and student need to take all necessary steps to protect their IPR as per the governing rules and regulations of the institute. However, it is recommended to keep the Intel India Research Fellowship Program Committee updated on such developments. Intel’s interest in this Program is to enhance quality research output in India, and our focus thus will be on the quality of research and publications in world-class academic/industry conferences relating to computing sciences.

Yes. An Intel India Research Fellowship can be taken in addition to other fellowships, provided the institutes’ rules and regulations permit it, and the terms and conditions of the fellowship scheme from any other source are not violated.