What is Slim Bootloader?

Slim Bootloader is a flexible, light-weight, open source reference boot loader.

Key benefits include:

Additional Benefits:

  • Open Source 
    Permissive licensing allows designers to build on an open source foundation with the flexibility to customize and protect unique IP. Find out more about open source resources available in the Slim Bootloader technical library.
  • Broad Ecosystem Support
    Take advantage of Intel and the open source community for support, or to maintain and extend features. Learm more about getting started with your solution using Slim Bootloader.

Easy Adaptability Across Different Platforms

Slim Bootloader is an open source project with a BSD license to provide maximum flexibility to customers.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation use cases benefit from fast boot and integrated security.

Public Sector

Integrated secure boot, fast boot and open license enable a variety of public sector applications.

Smart Video

Network video recorders (NVRs) and monitoring equipment benefit vastly from integrated security.


Provides capabilities to innovate and differentiate features.


Enables lower memory footprint and fast boot.