Plugin program is one of the many programs driven out of Intel India Maker Lab

The Department of Science & Technology (DST) - Government of India, Intel India, and Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SINE)-IIT Bombay has announced the third edition of Plugin, a one-year collaborative accelerator program for hardware and systems software startups. Eleven startups have been selected from over 200 entries from across the country in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), security and platform to receive mentoring and coaching, access to labs for tools and platforms, technical and financial support, local and international ecosystem connect and visibility.

Plugin aims to address challenges that hardware and systems software startups face with respect to product design, development, commercialization, and scaling their business. The collaborative program facilitates infrastructure and technical support, prototyping, product development and manufacturing connect from Intel India Maker Lab and SINE-IIT Bombay. In the final phase, the startups will be able to showcase their solutions to investors and ecosystem players at a demo day, with the top performing startups also qualifying for post-program funding support.

The new batch of 11 hardware and systems startups, as part of Plugin Edition 3, have embarked on their journey to advance innovation in the data-centric areas. Using exponential technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and IoT (Internet of Things), these startups are developing products and solutions in domains of manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, retail, platform (security, virtual lab & music) and industrial (food tech and oil & gas).

Since its inception in 2016, Intel India Maker Lab has supported 60+ hardware and systems startups by providing space and infrastructure, access to lab equipment and tools, and connect to mentors from Intel India. The results have been encouraging with over 40+ products by these startups already in the market.

With each passing year, the Intel India Maker Lab continues to bring the best out of the hardware and systems startups, and the new batch stands to benefit from this commitment.

Meet the 11 startups of the third edition of Plugin

Abee Research Labs Pvt Ltd.

SwitchOn - Digital Twins to power Manufacturing Intelligence

SwitchOn helps customers analyze real time quality and performance of critical assets, non-intrusively, in the manufacturing industry by developing digital twins, reducing wastage due to “Batch failures”.

Domain: Manufacturing

Ariano Instruments Pvt Ltd.

K2 - Democratizing and Amplifying music 

Ariano’s K2 advanced expressive keyboard unlocks the dreams of both professional and amateur musicians to express and play smooth melodies across multiple musical instruments by sensing multiple dimensions of information within a key.

Domain: Music

Gifto Retail Pvt Ltd.

Camcom - Defect and damage assessment platform for automotive value chain

Camcom helps drive efficiencies across the automotive value chain, from manufacturing to service and motor insurance. This is done by removing the subjectivity from the quality control process in defect and damage assessment using a computer vision stack.

Domain: Automotive 

Haystack Analytics Pvt Ltd.

Rapid and comprehensive testing for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Making genomics-based drug susceptibility testing available and affordable for large scale deployment starting with Tuberculosis but can be extended to other infectious diseases, as well as analyze "good" bacteria in the gut that helps build our immunity.

Domain: Healthcare

Infilect Technologies 

Track Every Shelf in Every Store Every Day

Retail brand managers and decision makers are empowered with in-store retail execution data at speed, scale, and accuracy, thereby triggering merchandising actions to significantly reduce out-of-stock and over-stock inefficiencies, and thus, increasing same-store sales by more than 10% while reducing marketing spend by more than 30%.

Domain: Retail 

QuNu Labs Pvt Ltd.

Proactively quantum

QNu Labs is a startup that utilizes principles of quantum physics to provide unconditional data security. Multiple hacks and data thefts reflect that the best security methods are failing today. Adversaries could be copying & storing your sensitive encrypted data today to decrypt it using state-of-art computing methods. Our quantum security products would protect your sensitive data now and in the post quantum world.

Domain: Platform Security

TenXer Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Accelerate IC Adoption through Virtual Labs

System designers need to evaluate multiple Integrated Circuit (IC) components. TenXer’ s Virtual Lab transforms this decades old process by deploying the IC's on the cloud, saving significant time and cost.

Domain: Platform (Virtual Lab)

Tranzmeo IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

T-Connect OneView: An Anomaly & Intrusion Detection system for pipelines

Tranzmeo’s T-Connect OneView is an intelligent High-performance System, which is designed to redefine the anomaly & Intrusion detection in Oil & Gas pipelines with the help of optical fiber sensing technology and deep learning. We are helping oil & gas companies to save millions of dollars every year by protecting the distribution backbone pipelines from anomalies & Intrusions.

Domain: Industrial Oil & Gas

Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd.

Indoor Positioning and Tracking

Vacus Tech is a Wireless Indoor Positioning Company with patented technology for automated configurable fencing, precise positioning, and accounting of assets and people with an accuracy of 30 cm.

Domain: Industrial

VDT Pipeline Integrity Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Intelligent Inspection Tool for Oil & Gas pipelines

VDT’s solution helps prevent catastrophic disaster, increases safety of the oil & gas distribution systems, by inspecting pipelines, internally, for various failures, thereby saving both costs and lives.

Domain: Industrial (Oil & Gas)

Wobot Intelligence Pvt Ltd.

AI Vision Based Process Compliance

Wobot Intelligence enables vision-based process compliance. It has helped organizations in Food, Biotech, Pharma, Manufacturing, and Retail to reduce the cost of monitoring employees, risk of non-compliance, pilferage as also improve productivity by plugging in its deep learning computer vision tools into existing cameras.

Domain: Industrial (Food Tech)

Impact of the Plugin Edition 1 and 2