On the ground report: Bharati Robotics enables efficient cleaning system at Mumbai shopping mall

Glistening floors, tidy walls and spotless corridors are the most apparent features of any mall. The dust-free and clean surfaces seem obvious for mall visitors, but the same have been beckoning business opportunities for Bharati Robotics Systems, a startup from Pune.

A case in point is a shopping mall in Mumbai, where BRS is facilitating highest standard of cleanliness by deploying a range of sensor-fitted ad Wifi robots. The human-looking robots are enabling an efficient and cost-effective maintenance system in the mall, which attracts high traffic volumes through the day and requires cleaning on a frequent basis.

The adoption of BRS robots in the mall is drastically reducing the dependency on physical labor, and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of workers in this industry. Debashis Das, founder, Bharati Robotics Systems, is optimistic that robots are critical part of the economy. “We believe the adoption of robotics will re-structure the cleaning sector and the economy to create a more robust and efficient process along with creating more quality jobs,” he says.

BRS, one of the 15 startups of Plugin, a unique collaborative incubation program by Departments of Science and Technology (DST), Intel India and SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship) -IIT Bombay, has leveraged technology and mentorship assistance to develop and scale its products.

BRS is also the recipient of the prestigious HOT 1OO: Race to Grace 2017 Award that champions innovations from the most promising technology startups in the country.

Business Need

With thousands of footfalls every day, the mall’s administration was committed to provide a clean and comfortable environment for customers. Every corner including public corridors, entrances, food courts, lifts and rest rooms required constant cleaning with minimum disruption for guests.

It was challenging for the maintenance staff to deal with workforce inefficiency and steep labor costs. Apart from salaries, the mall incurred expenses on uniforms and other basic needs of laborers. There were training sessions to be organized for low-skilled workers. All these resulted in higher expenses.

In addition, the maintenance team faced high attrition rate of 35% per quarter. Lack of accountability and persisting quality of cleaning issues were of grave concern for the team.

Robotics Solution

BRS piloted its fully automated and artificial intelligence powered robots for floor cleaning at the mall. The robots with an array of in-built safety measures moved all around the floor, automatically cleaning every corners. Enabled with Wifi and cloud connection, the robots offered real-time monitoring, generated online real-time reports, and shared them on smartphone ensuring receipt of the reports even when the person was not inside the mall.

The robots are developed on indigenous Bharati Robotics Operating System, and with one battery charge lasting for four hours, they are easy to be deployed in batches to ensure constant and consistent cleaning through the day.

BRS robots are already in the market and are available in five capacity levels: 30 lts, 50 lts, 65 lts, 85 lts, and 110 lts for all floor and project sizes.

Value Delivery to Customer

In few days of piloting the robots at the mall, the robots showed the below benefits to the customer:

       › Up-to 60% reduction in facility management/ cleaning costs.

       › No labor management issues

       › Quality and flawless floor cleaning.

       › Real-time online reports ensured faster response and reduced downtime

       › Safe to operate even in crowded areas; no attention required.

       › Increased productivity and efficient cleaning of interiors.


Spearheading the robotics technology with a promising team, BRS has long-term plans to foray into different sectors and have a technology on par with the tech giants of the world. It is currently working on bringing out other variants and solutions for end-to-end cleaning solutions for specific jobs like street cleaning; glass, window and wall cleaning, etc.

“In addition, we are developing robotics solutions for the automotive, industrial, defense, and agricultural sectors,” says Debashis, who says BRS will soon start catering to the orders from customers.

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