Intel India Maker Lab’s third batch of 12 startups focus on developing AI, Cloud, IoT-based products & solutions

Continuing its commitment to fuel entrepreneurship and hardware innovation in India, Intel India Maker Lab has on-boarded its third batch of hardware startups as part of the second edition of Plugin, a collaborative accelerator program by Intel India, the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, and Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SINE)-IIT Bombay.

The new batch of 12 hardware and systems startups have embarked on their journey to advance innovation in the data-centric areas. Using exponential technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), Cloud, and IoT (Internet of Things), these startups are developing products and solutions in domains of healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and transportation.

Since its inception in 2015, Intel India Maker Lab has supported 50+ hardware and systems startups by providing space and infrastructure, access to lab equipment and tools, and connect to mentors from Intel India. The results have been encouraging with over 20 products by these startups already in the market.

With each passing year, the Intel India Maker Lab continues to bring the best out of the hardware startups, and the new batch stands to benefit from this commitment.


Cyclops MedTech Pvt. ltd.

Eye tracking tech to diagnose neuro vestibular disorders

Billions of patients suffering from medical disorders like vertigo, migraine, epilepsy, concussion, ADHD and over 20 other conditions, face some kind of manifestation in the eye. If this is measured in time, it will help diagnose challenges in the neuro vestibular system.

Cyclops MedTech is catering to this need by building clinical and wearable diagnostic as well as rehabilitation products for neuro vestibular disorders using eye tracking technology. Leveraging the Plugin program, the startup will optimize its Balance Eye solution using various tools like Intel® VTuneTM Amplifier and Intel® Media SDK. The Intel technologies also enable movement of the compute part of current version of BalanceEye onto an Intel® CoreTM i5 processor-based Intel® NUC. This helps create a new version of BalanceEye with, higher frame rate cameras, which would be used for screening patients in emergency response (ER) and ambulatory settings.

Among many recognitions, Cyclops is the winner of NASSCOM Tech award, NASSCOM Emerge 50 award-2017 and, IESA Most Promising startup of the Year -2017.


Sensovision systems

AI solution to automate quality inspection

SensoVision is enabling automation of quality inspection in manufacturing units through its artificial intelligence (AI) solution. Combining AI and Computer Vision with custom mechanical and optical engineering, the solutions offer the capability to inspect parts ranging from screws to big automobiles in an automated manner. By staying true to its vision of ‘Taking Research into Product’, SensoVision is transforming the product quality inspection in various industries including pharmaceutical, food, and retail. While currently focused on machine vision, the roadmap includes collecting large amount of data points to evolve a deep learning model.

 SensoVision’s end-to-end solution QualViz identifies visual and dimensional defects of fastener items with a 99.99% accuracy while processing 250,000 parts per day. It will leverage the benefits of Intel® Distribution of OpenVino™ Toolkit that helps extend the workload across Intel® CPU, Integrated GPU including its computer vision accelerator, Intel® MovidiusTM, using a single API.



Eliminating manual intervention in biz operations

Constems-AI uses computer vision based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate business operations processes by eliminating manual interventions and enhancing safety, security, control, and operational efficiencies. The solutions help execute quality control on various agriculture-based products, manage traditional and modern retail operations and reinforce sales & distribution by cutting down reaction time to market.

By leveraging the infrastructure, technology and mentorship support provided by Plugin, the startup is looking to develop a range of industrial grade edge analytics systems that can be remotely managed even during low latency and high processing periods. Intel® Distribution of OpenVino™ Toolkit helps the startup extend the workload across Intel® CPU, Integrated GPU including its computer vision accelerator, Intel® Myriad-X, and Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA, using a single API.


Maxerience inc.

AI and IoT solution to digitize retail inventory checks

Using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), Maxerience is digitizing in-store inventory management, enabling timely stocking of retail shelves and also understanding customer behavior at the shelf level in real time.

The SVR (Smart Vending Real-Time) solution uses an AI-edge computing smart camera-based solution for real-time vending. As and when pre-registered customers pick up products from confined retail space like smart kiosks (or) coolers, the pre-registered customer’s associated payment gateway gets digital billed for the product picked. This solution works in real-time and is only for confined spaces. The startup is leveraging Intel® Movidius™ vision accelerator cards to deploy its scalable solutions on the edge, and it is aiming to process 5+ 5 MP resolution images per minute and recognize 50+ products in every image.


Entropic technology pvt. Ltd.

Emotion recognition tech for product marketing

Equipped with a suite of emotion recognition technologies, Entropik Tech’s Affect Lab Platform enables brands and agencies to measure emotions of people and their subconscious responses to marketing stimuli, which in turn helps generate higher ROI on marketing investmentsThe cloud-based solution uses EEG (Electroencephalograms), Facial coding, and Eye tracking to measure human emotions. The startup is developing an on-premise EDGE based solution that would leverage the benefits of Intel® Distribution of OpenVino™ Toolkit and Intel® Distribution of Python* that helps extend the workload across Intel® CPU, Integrated GPU including its computer vision accelerator, using a single end point API.



Bike-mounted ADAS (Advanced driver assistance system)

Kaaenaat’s (pronounced KAA-e-NAAT) intelligent automotive solutions are aimed at making urban transportation safer and our cities less congested and more livable. It develops smart cameras with embedded real-time Deep Learning capabilities. Kaaenaat’ s products leverage Computer Vision at the Edge and analyze video data in real-time without needing them to be streamed to the cloud for analysis and processing.

One of its solutions KROOZE, a smart helmet, and chassis mounted ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Solution) for two-wheeler riders leverages the benefits of Intel® Distribution of OpenVino™ Toolkit, that helps extend the workload across Intel® CPU, Integrated GPU including its computer vision accelerator, Intel® Movidius™, using a single API. Kaaenaat has to its credit of developing KOUNT, a smart traffic monitoring product, currently deployed in 2 countries. Another product KAPCHAA is a robust, small form factor smart camera for robotics, ride sharing, and logistics companies.


SkinCurate Research Pvt. Ltd.

Smartphone app to diagnose skin cancers

SkinCurate Research Private Limited, a research company, is developing a smartphone app to assist doctors in fast and accurate diagnosis of skin cancers and related abnormalities. Coupled with a deep learning (DL) based computational imaging service deployed on an AI cloud or an on-premise AI edge, the app can be used by semi-skilled paramedics working at rural and primary healthcare centers for fast and high-precision screening of skin lesions and abnormalities. The on-premise AI edge platform also enables fast deployment across multiple client devices in a wellness center and specialty care clinic with on-premise data residency.

The affordable, scalable, point-of-care, and frugal technological solution for label free and non-invasive diagnostic imaging is focused on patient comfort centric total skin theranostics. The startup is leveraging Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel® Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks, Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, for accelerating the compute for AI/DL/CNN based inferencing on Intel® Xeon® CPU based AI cloud, Intel® Core™ i3/i5 CPU based on-premise AI edge and Intel Atom® CPU based pocket form factor for edge AI inferencing and analytics.


NOOS Technologies

Track brand visibility and check counterfeit trade

With the counterfeit trade volume estimated at 1.77Tr USD per-annum, there is an ever-increasing need for brand protection. Realizing the implication of counterfeit trade on businesses, Noos Technologies has developed ScoT solution, which helps check counterfeits and track brand visibility. This multi-factor anti-counterfeit and brand protection packaging security solution uses patent-pending RUDS technology. RUDS positions itself uniquely in the global packaging security space with the ability to generate random unique signature from the same label/tag. With the power of authentication using a smartphone and itemized tracking portal available centrally, SCoT is a brand protection solution for all brand owners and logistics companies.

NOOS Technologies leverages Intel® CoreTM SOC family processors to power its industrial computer vision system for SCoT Label Registration, Verification, and Quality Check needs. Intel® CoreTM processors provide the ability to process more labels (images) per-minute with minimal heating under varied operating temperature in factory/manufacturing units enabling desired line-speed (PPM).



Sensor-based diagnostic platform for cardiovascular diseases

In what can transform the face of rural healthcare in India, Cardiotrack (Uber Diagnostics Private Limited) is building a multi-parameter preventive healthcare diagnostics platform for primary care/wellness centers. The startup is building clinical grade heart monitors, offering tele-clinic platforms integrated with clinical expertise, mobile applications, cloud back-end and AI engine for healthcare data interpretation.

Offering a complete platform for the diagnosis and interpretation of cardiovascular and related diseases, Cardiotrack sensors provide clinical grade reading for 12-lead ECG, SpO2, and blood pressure. Cardiotrack aims to reach out to 1,50,000 primary healthcare centers and save a million lives in next 5 years through early healthcare screening, which is backed by Artificial Intelligence platform. Currently, Cardiotrack is being used in countries as diverse as Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, USA, Spain, and India. The startup was among the Top 10 NASSCOM’s Emerging 50 startups and was awarded Frost and Sullivan New Product Innovation Award.


Combat Robotics

Developing first-ever chassis-less Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Engaged in designing and manufacturing of defense grade robots, Combat Robotics is developing world’s first chassis-less Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Arista Mark 1 that is meant to function in a high endurance and rugged conditions. The startup is looking to enhance the capability of the robot to be remotely accessed from a distance of 500 meters, to mount a night vision camera and stream the video content to the base location. The Intel Atom® processor will enhance compute power and deliver extremely high 3D graphic performance and help stream good quality videos. In addition, it will be using ruggedized tablets based on Intel® Core™ i5 processor family for managing the robots.

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Vehicle tracking system to reduce road accidents

Every year, hundreds of people lose lives in accidents across the world. The solution being developed by Cyrrup is aimed at reducing the number of road accidents worldwide with a focus on solving rash driving issue, assistance during accidents, safety, and security of vehicle as well as people in it. By engaging with different stakeholders in the transportation sector like transporters and drivers, the startup aims to create a stream of products relevant for the current and future requirements in the sector.

Vehicle Black Box, is an ultimate vehicle tracking system that is fitted on the dashboard for monitoring the performance of the vehicle and driver behavior while keeping safety and security of the vehicle and it occupants in mind. Through the Plugin program it is looking to leverage the benefits of Intel® Distribution of OpenVino™ Toolkit that helps extend the workload across Intel® CPU, Integrated GPU including its computer vision accelerator, Intel® MovidiusTM, using a single API.


Prakarna technologies pvt. Ltd.

Curved 3D display for digital advertisements

Prakarna Technologies Private Limited is developing a unique bezel-free curved 3D display for digital advertisements. Its unique patentable LED display design not only provides the bezel-free, flicker-free display but is also cost effective compared to the conventional LED displays. It works on the principle of Persistence of Vision (POV), where-a set of LED strips are arranged in the vertical fashion and run with the help of motor at constant speed to form image.

The Intel Atom® x5-Z8350 Processor with Quad core and higher speed (1.92GHz) will not only enable smooth functioning of core functionalities but has also eliminated the need for additional embedded board to control and monitor the motor. The built-in Wifi helps to push the data and monitor the displays remotely.