Intel® Server Board Platform Confidence Test [SCW5V101.EXE]



Intel® Server Board Platform Confidence Test.

Available Downloads

  • OS Independent, MS-DOS family*
  • Size: 1.3 MB
  • SHA1: 2BB89C229D7778C88BD77529ADE461630D2CAA02

Detailed Description

The Intel® Server Board Platform Confidence Test package provides a method to determine if an Intel-based server system is correctly assembled and functioning properly. The package provides three test suites for the onboard resources. The test suites included in the package are: the Quick Test, the Comprehensive Test, and a continuous loop of the Comprehensive Test. These tests can be run without user intervention. At the start of each test, the Platform Confidence Test package probes for the hardware present and reports the identified components. The probe will indirectly identify many assembly and cabling errors, such as broken or improperly seated cables, because the associated hardware component will not be located. Test results are reported directly to field replaceable units (FRUs), such as the installed processor modules, the server board, disks, and memory. Upon completion of the test, the test results are saved to the RESULT.LOG for viewing. Instructions are available in the release notes.

Product and Performance Information


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