SAS Hardware RAID Driver for VMWare* ESX 4



Contains the SAS HW RAID driver for VMWare* ESX 4

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  • SHA1: 0D6025382EDFAB3BA1D306C947698B3F97F00C4B

Detailed Description

This download contains the SAS HW RAID driver for VMWare* ESX 4

This download supports Intel® RAID Controllers using SAS software stack (RS3SC008, RS3DC080, RS3DC040, RS3WC080, RMS25PB080, RMS25PB040, RMT3PB080, RMS25CB080, RMS25CB040, RMT3CB080, RMS25CB080N, RMS25PB080N, RS25AB080, RS25SB008, RS25DB080, RS25NB008, RS2VB080, RS2VB040, RT3WB080, RS2WC040, RS2WC080, RS2SG244, RS2WG160, RMS2MH080, RMS2AF080, RMS2AF040, RS2MB044, RS2BL080, RS2BL080DE, RS2BL040, RS2PI008DE, RS2PI008, SRCSASJV, SRCSASRB, SRCSATAWB, SROMBSASFC, SROMBSASMP2, SROMBSASMR, SRCSASPH16I, SRCSASBB8I, SRCSASLS4I, SRCSAS18E*, SRCSAS144E*, SROMBSAS18E*), please verify that this utility has been tested with the RAID card you have chosen to use by checking the drivers Web page for your controller at

*These older controllers should work but have not been tested. Please see the included readme.txt file for additional details and installation instructions.

Package Information
Driver Version =6.602.05.00.1
OS supported = VMWare ESX* 4.*

Supported Kernels : released build ESX 4.0 164009
released build ESX 4.1 260247

The Software may contain open source software. The associated open source licenses are included with the driver package

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