RAID Management Utility for VMWare ESXi* 5



This download contains the RAID management utility version 0.32 for VMWare ESXi* 5.

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  • Size: 6.9 MB
  • SHA1: 28F015B33C9E5461FC8630B7CB66B73C8F30E474

Detailed Description

This download contains the SMIS file for Intel® RAID Controllers using SAS software stack (RS25AB080, RS25SB008, RMS2PB080, RMS25PB040, RMS25CB080, RMS25CB040, RMS25CB080N,MS25PB080N, RS25NB008, RS25DB080, RS2VB080, RS2VB040, RT3WB080, RS2WC040, RS2WC080, RS2SG240, RS2WG160, RMS2MH080, RMS2AF080, RMS2AF040, RS2MB044, RS2BL080, RS2BL080DE, RS2BL040, RS2PI008DE, and RS2PI008). Verify that this utility has been tested with the RAID card you have chosen to use by checking the drivers web page for your controller.

After this SMIS VIB file is installed in VMWare ESXi* 5, Intel® RAID Web Console 2 at client end is able to remotely manage MegaSAS RAID array under VMWare ESXi* 5.

Additional notes