Seamless Collaboration for Today’s Learning Spaces

See how the new Intel Unite® solution improves content sharing and collaboration.


  • Connection hassles and can lead to lost productivity and disengaged students

  • The Intel Unite® solution enables you to share content, facilitate engagement and increase collaboration

  • The Intel Unite® solution offers a simple, secure collaboration platform that supports breadth of devices, operating systems and educational plugins


Connectivity in the Classroom

While technology is transforming the future of education, outdated infrastructure for classroom technology can pose a distraction. Connection hassles and classroom delays when trying to link display systems and user devices, can lead to lost productivity and disengage students.

The vision of a smart classroom is a wire-free learning space that gets rid of display adapters and offers a better approach to productivity and content sharing across devices. The Intel Unite® solution powers easy, secure wireless screen sharing from anywhere in the classroom. Teachers can stream content and manage the exchange of information without the need to manage multiple cable connection options, so instruction time can start quickly and connect immediately to new or existing displays, projectors, and interactive flat panel (IFP) displays.

A Tool for Modern Learning

The Intel Unite® solution supports a more immersive classroom, active learning, problem solving, and collaboration, as well as the wide range of software and hardware existing in schools. Students can collaborate wirelessly on any screen or device, while simple controls enable the teacher to join, lead, or moderate the group.

By enabling teachers to stream, manage, and share content in real time, they can create a dynamic learning environment that, in addition to screen sharing, includes video collaboration and customized coursework. Students and teachers can expect fewer connectivity interruptions and improved productivity. Teachers can also enable students to annotate class material from their device, as their work appears on the interactive flat panel display and other connected devices. This creates opportunities for students to share, explore, and take ownership of their work in order to build creativity, leadership, and social interaction skills.

Powerful, Simple, and Scalable

The Intel Unite® solution works with what you have, connecting all major devices, operating systems, and displays. Plugins from the Intel Unite® app showcase let you easily add existing tools and functionality, like in-room controls, whiteboarding and more. With broad device support, intuitive experiences, and performance you can count on even when the WLAN is saturated, the Intel Unite® solution is compatible with Windows and other operating systems.

Based on an Intel vPro® platform hub computer, the Intel Unite® solution can be remotely managed like any other computer in your environment. All content shared on the platform is fully encrypted and access codes refresh frequently for added security.

The Intel Unite® solution can help lower costs while bringing the vision of the smarter classroom to any school.