Healthcare Data Center Solutions

Intel® solutions provide the processing power needed to store and synthesize increasing volumes of critical healthcare data securely—on premise and in the cloud.

Atlantic Health System Harnesses Data growth

EMC Data Domain* and Avamar Data Store* provide backup efficiency and data center reduction.

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Standardized Compliance Protocols

New big data, analytics, and cloud technologies are becoming a key part of a healthcare organization’s IT strategy. Intel® solutions provide a simple and scalable path to security and compliance in the cloud.

Intel and Dell Partner with MEDITCH for Healthcare Cloud

In collaboration with Dell and MEDITECH’s electronic health record system, hospitals can migrate and store critical patient data in the cloud.

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Growing Data Volumes

Leveraging healthcare data for analytics requires a database infrastructure that can deliver high throughput with low latency. Intel® processing enables database scalability for advanced analytics by enhancing the power and performance of data handling from multiple sources and locations.