High-Performance Computing Speeds Discovery

High-Performance Computing Speeds Discovery

Data has been synonymous with the oil and gas industry for many years and has resulted in the use of new and expanded high-performance computing (HPC).

Exploration and production companies use advanced analysis, simulation, and interactive high-fidelity visualization to identify oil and gas reserves, assess the economic viability of assets, and support operational designs that maximize ...output.

As long-time users of advanced technologies, oil and gas companies extract valuable information from huge amounts of seismic data. To gain the full value of this data, companies need HPC systems that can process data quickly, with efficient use of processor clusters.

The challenges of managing increasing amounts of data with higher compute requirements, along with tough industry competition, can put companies at a competitive disadvantage.

Intel® HPC Platform Specification for HPC combines highly scalable processing, powerful workstations, and modernized software code to create a holistic solution to these challenges. With Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF), oil and gas companies can make better-informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage.