Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge

Discover new possibilities for pushing the boundaries of knowledge with HPC and AI, and how this convergence can enable breakthrough opportunities. This video highlights new use cases for accelerating discovery and solving complex challenges by running AI workloads on an Intel®-based HPC infrastructure.



Thanks to high-performance computing, we're learning more and more about ourselves, our planet, and our universe. Now there is an opportunity to push the boundaries of our understanding even further by combining HPC with artificial intelligence and analytics. As these technologies converge, we'll be able to tackle massively complex scientific challenges, improving and ultimately even saving lives.

We'll be able to simulate earthquakes more accurately so we can better protect people and infrastructure. Smarter crop analysis will help make farming more efficient so we can better feed the world's growing population. We'll be able to accelerate medical diagnoses and drug discovery.

In industries such as energy and manufacturing, machine learning could refine the inputs to better focus simulations. And simulation could be used to generate scenarios for AI to analyze. If we use a generative adversarial network to combine simulation data with massive amounts of satellite imagery, we'll even be able to emulate the universe.

So what can you do to get started with AI workloads today? When you're already tackling the world's thorniest scientific challenges, you don't want additional complexity in your computing infrastructure. Intel has optimized popular deep learning frameworks so you can run deep learning applications on your familiar Intel Xeon processor-based architecture. This means you can benefit from balanced, scalable performance without needing to invest in installing, configuring, and managing dedicated accelerators, all while you develop and optimize the AI algorithms to meet your specific business and mission requirements.

Take your first step toward using AI on your familiar Intel Xeon-based infrastructure today. Find out more at intel.com/hpc.