Intel® IXP400 Software V1.5: Specification

Intel® IXP400 Software V1.5: Specification

1.0 Product Context
Intel® IXP400 software V1.5 enables the underlying capabilities of the IXP4XX product line of network processors and IXC1100 control plane processor.

2.0 Product Specifications
This section presents features supported by software release 1.5:

ATM Access
• Configure and activate up to 12 ports on the UTOPIA level-2 interface
• Up to 32 VC channels supported
• ATM configuration and management component

ATM Transmit Scheduler
• Maximum number of VCs: Up to 32 on device at any time
• Maximum of 1 nrt-VBR
• No restriction (up to 32) on number of UBR VCs
• Traffic Types: nrt-VBR, UBR
• Maximum of 8 ports and a total of 32 VCs across all ports
• CDVT not supported; CDVT not valuable for CPE devices
• Restriction PCR must be equal to SCR for VBR VC
• PCR for nrt-VBR, UBR
• SCR for nrt-VBR
• MBS for nrt-VBR

• Silicon Crypto algorithms enabled for use via software:
— DES (64-bit block, 64-bit key)
— 3DES (64-bit block, 192-bit key)

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