® Intel IXP400 Software Version 2.0 Software Product Specification

Intel® IXP400 Software V2.0: Specification

1.0 Product Context
Intel® IXP400 software V2.0 enables the underlying capabilities of the IXP4XX product line of network processors.

2.0 Product Specifications
This section presents features supported by software release 2.0:

ATM Access
• Configure and activate up to 12 ports on the UTOPIA level-2 interface
• Up to 32 VC channels supported
• ATM configuration and management component

ATM Transmit Scheduler
• Maximum number of VCs: Up to 32 on device at any time
• Maximum of 1 nrt-VBR
• No restriction (up to 32) on number of UBR VCs
• Traffic Types: nrt-VBR, UBR
• Maximum of 8 ports and a total of 32 VCs across all ports
• CDVT not supported; CDVT not valuable for CPE devices
• Restriction PCR must be equal to SCR for VBR VC
• PCR for nrt-VBR, UBR
• SCR for nrt-VBR
• MBS for nrt-VBR

• Silicon Crypto algorithms enabled for use via software:
— DES (64-bit block, 64-bit key)
— 3DES (64-bit block, 192-bit key)

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