Streamline Compliance
and Offload Risk with ELM Fieldsight

Together, Intel, Dell, and ELM are empowering businesses to simplify compliance, mitigate risk, and increase
efficiency with a one-of-a-kind compliance-as-a-service solution (CASS).

Revolutionizing Compliance Management and Risk Mitigation: The ELM Fieldsight Solution

Companies across many industries face ever-growing challenges to maintain compliance. See how Intel, ELM, and Dell empower retail and energy sectors by turning this situation into an opportunity.

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Meet the Challenge of Compliance while Saving Costs

Business owners know it — ensuring company compliance demands valuable work hours and increases overhead.

Businesses are searching for a solution enabling them to simplify compliance in a convenient, secure, and intelligent way which ultimately alleviates costs, work hours, and reduces risk of non-compliance.

That solution is here. ELM FieldSight is a leader among monitoring and compliance platforms in-market today. Businesses can now take advantage of ELM FieldSight to unlock critical benefits—

Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance

ELM FieldSight enables businesses to automate labor intensive manual compliance processes and to adapt easily to constant changes in the regulatory environment.

Through this innovative platform, companies can significantly reduce employee hours spent on manual compliance protocols, quickly shift to meet new regulatory mandates, and shorten third-party audits, all while maximizing operations and accelerating future deployments on a future-proof platform.

ELM FieldSight transforms compliance from a headache to an opportunity.

Minimize Risk

Minimize Risk

ELM FieldSight is the only compliance-as-a-service solution that allows companies to offload risk with built-in indemnification from fines and penalties resulting from process deviations. We assume the risk so you can focus on your business.

Through our platform, businesses can view real-time asset status whenever and wherever they need. Back-up monitoring and reporting with integrated insurance, increases safety for employees and customers alike, and protects their brands with world-class quality assurance.

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

ELM FieldSight allows businesses to increase efficiency across multiple areas of work. Through our platform, businesses can streamline energy consumption, eliminate data retention costs, increase asset efficiency and reduce downtime, and navigate the shifting landscape of compliance regulations automatically.

ELM FieldSight deploys easily, with minimal operational impact.

Ultimately, ELM FieldSight frees your business to get back to doing what it does best – offering its core services to customers and clients.

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