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Future Banao Wonderful with an Intel-powered PC.

Get Al-ready with free access to Intel® Digital Readiness Programs and Al toolsets on purchasing an Intel® Core™ Processor-powered PC.

Al skills certification | ~80 hours of immersive Al training | Exciting offers from OEM partners

Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators. The next generation of innovators needs the right skills and resources to understand what AI is, how it is designed, and why it is important in today’s digital world. The Intel® AI For Youth Program provides young creators, coders and innovators the opportunity to learn AI skills and apply them responsibly to design any solution.

Intel Digital Readiness Programs

In partnership with government, academia, civil society, and industry stakeholders, Intel’s Digital Readiness Programs aim to demystify and democratize Emerging Technologies like Artificial Intelligence for all. Each program is tailored for various learning needs across age groups by providing access to AI tools thereby unlocking the power of AI and making it accessible for everyone.

The Intel Powered PC for You

Whether your requirement is multitasking or using professional software, or you’re looking for power or mobility, we’ve got a set of resources to help you identify your needs and help you select the right device. Find the right Intel powered-PC that suits your needs.

Partner Corner

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Champions of Wonderful

Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators. Meet our young Champions who have created meaningful social impact solutions after being certified by the Intel® AI For Youth Program. By enrolling for our programs, you too can change the world tomorrow by being future-ready today.